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It is no secret that addiction affects the family. IBH provides Family Education classes every Thursday evening beginning at 7:00 p.m. in the Therapy Building Auditorium.

A series of six classes is presented on a six week schedule. They deal with the disease of addiction and its affect on the family.

Weekly participation is required for all family members and friends (over the age of 10) planning to visit loved ones at IBH.

First time visitors are required to attend The IBH Orientation Session and the current IBH Family Education Session the Thursday before their first sunday family visitation. The IBH Orientation session starts at 6:00 p.m. and runs for one hour. During succeeding weeks, family members have the option of attending classes or completing the weekly study materials and quiz online.

The Current Class Schedule

Week 1:     What is Addiction?

Week 2:    Addiction: A disease

Week 3:    What is Treatment?

Week 4:    When they Come Home

Week 5:    Addiction: A Family Disease

Week 6:    Effective Communication

Family Education Online Class Materials

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Following are the links to The IBH Family Education Online Materials. When completed and submitted, you should receive a response within 24 hours of submitting your results.

If you do not receive a response within 24 hours, contact Jackie Chapman at 330-644-4095 ext. 356, to verify that your quiz was received.

Week 6 Material

Week 6 Quiz

Orientation Packet - Useful Family Education Material -

Akron AA Intergroup

US & Canada AA Meetings

Akron Area Al-Anon & Al-Teen Meetings (Helpful Family Education Link)


IBH is located in the Portage Lakes area of Akron, Ohio on an 86 acre campus that was formerly a Carmelite Monastery. It is easily accessible by Ohio Interstates with its main entrance exactly two miles South of Interstate 277/U.S. 224 at the South Main Street exit.

Interval Brotherhood Home

3445 South Main Street

Akron, Ohio 44319


From The North

Interstate 77 South to Interstate 277 East. Exit Interstate 277 at South Main Street. Turn right and follow South Main Street to the Main Entrance of IBH at 3445 South Main Street. Turn left into the Main Entrance.

From The South

Interstate 77 North and exit at South Arlington Road. Turn right and drive 0.5 miles to Killian Road. Turn left on Killian Road and follow until it dead ends into South Main Street (1.6 miles) Turn left on South Main Street. The IBH Main Entrance will be the first driveway on the left.

From the West

Interstate 76 East to Interstate 277 East. Exit Interstate 277 at South Main Street. Turn right and follow South Main Street to the IBH Main Entrance at 3445 South Main Street, turn left into the entrance.

From the East

Interstate 76 West to Interstate 77 South. Interstate 77 South to Interstate 277 West. Exit Interstate 277 at South Main Street. Turn right and follow South Main Street to the Main Entrance of IBH at 3445 south Main Street. Turn left into the entrance.

Get Google Map Directions to IBH From your Location

Once you have entered the Main Entrance at IBH from South Main Street, follow the driveway, curving to the left, continuing forward and curving to the right. The building that you will see on your right side is the Therapy Building. Continue forward curving to the right until you see the FRONT of the Therapy Building. There is a green ramp in the front of the entrance. Park your vehicle in the parking lot that will be to your left and then walk across to the front of the Therapy Building going up the green ramp. Once inside the building, continue forward and enter the Therapy Auditorium.



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