MK Architectural Metal, Inc. was incorporated in 1987. We began with a core group of professionals all of whom possessed many years of experience in the custom curtainwall field. Since that time we have continued to expand through the hiring of additional key personnel and ongoing training for all employees.

MK-community-service-awardThe same is true on the production side. Providing fabrication of custom engineered wall systems is still the nucleus of our business. We have continued to physically expand our facilities in an effort to meet the growing demands of our customer base. Our expansion has afforded MK the opportunity to offer assembly, glazing and in-house system mock-up testing as critical services for our clients.

MK has teamed up with material suppliers that promote the same high standards of quality as MK. Beginning with a rigorous in-house quality control program and carrying through to jobsite visits with our project partners we ensure the client is getting the highest quality product available.

MK has formed strong relationships with a core group of clients to install our wall systems throughout the United States and many international markets.