Green Building

MK works with project architects and building owners to custom design the curtainwall to incorporate their “Green Building” concepts.

MK-green-building-awardOur systems are engineered on a per project basis to reduce material waste and maximize system efficiency.

Our systems integrate cutting edge technology to provide thermal insulation and can easily be modified to accept any thickness of insulated or laminated glazing.

Operable vents to promote natural ventilation, horizontal and vertical sunshades to reduce glare and solar heat gain, interior light shelves to reduce interior lighting requirements are just a few elements commonly used.

Newer technologies such as building integrated photovoltaic systems provide the architect with an entirely new design element that can be uniquely integrated into the buildings façade. MK works to get each custom wall system NFRC tested and certified if requested.

On a more personal level, MK’s employees strive to be as “green” as possible at our own facility. Our shop recycles all scrap aluminum pieces including the aluminum shavings. The shop also only uses recycled paper products that are used in packaging. We push our suppliers to provide us with the most environmentally friendly products available on the market for use in the manufacturing process and carry that mindset through to the final step by utilizing recycled packaging materials. Even the engineering staff takes pride in participating by only using recycled copy paper, by recycling paper and by recycling aluminum soft drink containers.